Nederlands Textiel Museum/ Entreegebouw Tilburg


Batyline® HM

Attached you can find pictures of the ceilings and walls for the entrance building of the NTM in Tilburg. The head walls of the so-called volume and the ceilings are made out one piece without interruption.
Behind the wall is an acoustically absorbent material.
Around the volume is also a tensioned fabric from the ground floor to the roof, about 14 m high.
The fabric is tensioned arround metal lining which result in a special appearance. Total quantity: 600 m2  interior wall & ceiling fabric.
The ceilings in the volume are segmented. The fabric is tensioned arround a color coated lining.
One of the head walls of the volume is equipped with thousands of TFT-LED lights (in collaboration with the company ShowLED). These lights are attached directly to the fabric and provide spectacular moving images. The attached picture shows behind the glass the so-called Led wall.

Poly-Ned also realised the exterior facade for the ”Regionaal Archief of the Dutch Textile Museum,