Rollable Roofing / ‘’Work On’’ Tent KWS

Poly-Ned & KWS

Special PVC
coated polyester fabric
galvanised steel frame

This rollable roofing or ‘work on’ tent has been developed by Poly-Ned and KWS and has conducted to a completely new concept. It is a very rapidly build construction, which is in dismantled state compactly to transport and re-usable.
Poly-Ned – a marquee based on a steelframe covered with a special pvc-coated polyester fabric
These ‘work on’ tents are very suitable for the modernisation of (steel) bridges and (conditioned) maintenance activities among which renewing of the pavement. It is a pleasant work climate for the maintenance staff! The ‘work on’ tent is used on the Haringvlietbrug in the autumn of 2008 and has a length of 400 m, a width of 13.5 m. The altitude of the tent is such that 2 trucks can pass each other.

The construction has been designed to resist of wind strength 10. The tent is very stable and can very well absorb wind pressure waves caused by passing traffic (on the adjacent lane).