Poly-Ned processes flexible materials made from plastic and wire. Examples include (combinations of) fibreglass and polyester plastics, PVC, PU, PTFE, ETFE and metals such as AISI 304, 316 and galvanised iron. The light-weight materials result in a relative light  sub framebackground construction, which allows large spans and lower cost.

The mentioned materials can be combined to create a (coated) fabric or mesh cloth. The typical cable fabric and wire mesh are also possible. Printing can also take place on many of the materials. Below we provide a number of examples.

The materials such as Ferrari ® are extremely durable. Ferrari ® has developed the specially Texyloop ® technology for the recycling of composite PVC membranes and textile fabrics. The management of these “end-of-life” products put Ferrari on sustainable development. Hereby you can find some examples split into exterior and interior applications.