Airdome for Southampton FC

Airdome by PolyNed.

Southampton FC also chooses the airdome of Poly-Ned.
This airdome of 81 x 110 meter ensures that even in poor weather training just goes on.

An airdome is quick to install and equally easy to dismount again. It is a truss and column-free space which can also be conditioned. The air dome is ideal for activities that can not be practiced throughout the year in the open air, such as swimming, cycling, skating, soccer, tennis and so on. An airdome can also serve as a temporary sport facility or can be used for, exceptional storage of goods. Examples include the covering of tennis courts, swimming pools, skating rinks, or numerous industrial roofing applications.

about Polyned;

Poly-Ned is active in ‘Textile-architecture’: functional and aesthetic design using textile and wire mesh fabric that may be provided with functional and aesthetic coatings and/or printed material.
Are you looking for an air dome? Poly-Ned provides the solution! Also for a façade, air cushion roof or (acoustic) stretch ceiling – designed with metal fabric or technical textile – please contact Poly-Ned. Façade renovation or renovation of ceilings is relatively cheap and quick to realize using technical textile or metal fabric. A tensile structure, canopy or temporary roof can be spectacularly shaped with a membrane of Poly-Ned