Ceilings & Walls

A wide variety of applications!

A ceiling can be designed with textile fabrics, mesh cloth or foil; this is also referred to as stretch ceilings or stretched walls.

The advantages of using textile is that it often is regarded as being ‘warm’, it is acoustically open and it gives a completely different look than a traditional ceiling (wall) or a ceiling system.

Foil has the advantage that it works easily. Spectacular (free form) dimensions are at your fingertips.

A stretched ceiling or wall can be installed span a whole or in (modular) segments. Many forms are possible (level, bent, curved, etc. ). Combinations with lighting (traditional or with LEDs) can lead to spectacular effects. A stretch ceiling can be installed as a whole or in segments. Optimal acoustics is possible in combination with an absorbing material at the rear.

Poly-Ned is also dealer of Barrisol ® stretched ceilings & walls.

These stretched ceilings and walls are designed by using a thin PVC foil. Barrisol offers unlimited possibilities that can expand boundaries of creativity . Organic or curved shapes, undulations or vaults, even more traditional forms, by using Barrisol one can design and implement ideas.

Our programme is too extensive to be fully described. If you are looking for a plastic fabric or wire mesh that is not being described here, please contact us for an extensive explanation of the options that we can supply for your specific situation.

A selection of regularly applied materials by Poly-Ned can be found here.