Interior Materials

Barrisol Foliematerialen

With Barrisol foils you are able to design and implement ideas freely. The Barrisolprogramma includes a wide range of sheet materials in different colors, layouts, perforations, etc. Below are some examples of the possibilities.

Stable shape
Fire safe

Barrisol foil examples

Batyline ® SK20

Batyline ® SK20 is a welcome addition to the collection of HM, it is based on a woven and coated polyester fabric. This, in combination with an artificial light evenly (difuus) light image, which also absorb sound. Batyline ® SK20 is very versatile. The functional and aesthetic possibilities with lighting are great!

Light weight
Fire rertardent
Thermal insulation
Dirt repellent
Low maintenance

Woven and Spiralised Metals

Poly-Ned has a lot of experience in the assembly/production and installation of many different fabric types based on various metals. Each material demands a specific approach with regard to its processing. Poly-Ned can offer support when you define the materials for your design. The Poly-Ned added value in finding and processing the correct fabric for your specific application starts with the crystallisation of your idea and goes further than the final processing at the building site. Challenge us with your requirements!

Design free
Fall safely
Stable shape

Sprinkler Mesh

Sprinkler mesh is a very open mesh material (mesh size > than 5 mm). It has for example in warp direction a  cable and a robust-looking wire in weft direction. A major advantage is that it can be used in a sprinkler system. So it is not  necessary to make an opening in the mesh., which result in a clean visual appearance.

Design free
Sprinkler application
Fire safe
Tear resistant

Other Materials

Metal mesh is relatively heavy and requires a matching fixation. For interior applications, this is often not necessary. A cheaper version with the same aesthetic qualities, but a plastic molded fabric can be delivered as well.

Leight weight
Polyester / pvc
Favorable pricing

Our brochures and datasheets include information on materials and fixings..