Woven fabric

A ceiling can be designed with textile fabrics or mesh cloth; this is also referred to as stretch ceilings or stretched walls. The advantages of using technical textile is that it often is regarded as being ‘warm’, it is acoustically open and it gives a completely different look than a traditional ceiling (wall) or a ceiling system.

Many forms are possible (level, bent, curved, etc. ). Combinations of flame retardent glass fibre fabric with lighting (traditional or with LEDs) can lead to spectacular effects.

A stretch ceiling can be installed as a whole or in (modular) segments. A modular ceiling island or wall built up from, for example, concealed aluminium is also possible. Optimal acoustics is possible in combination with an absorbing material at the rear.

Examples of realised projects have been included on this page where aesthetic (including organic and 3-) design, lighting technology, acoustics aspects and ventilation play a role. Offering protection to stop people or objects from falling through, movability and fire-resistance and/or allowing the fire to spread to activate sprinkler systems and modular (panel) design may also be important.