When you think about an external wall, you will probably think of hard materials such as bricks, concrete, metal or plastic cladding, natural stone, glass, etc. A new trend is the application of a textile/second skin or a facade of a high-quality (plastic & metal) mesh fabric and mesh or cable fabric. The developments in this area are in full swing – these high-quality fabrics can be applied as a permanent (second) wall or roof including with regard to renovation work. Poly-Ned is capitalising on this as one of the first parties on the market. Even an air cushion wall or roof is possible!

The engineering work is performed by Poly-Ned itself or in partnership with a firm of consultants. In certain cases, for example, a wind tunnel test is also performed. You will find examples of solutions where aesthetic (including organic and 3-D) design, light technology, acoustical aspects and ventilation play a role. Protections to stop people and objects falling through, movability and fire-resistance may also be important. You will also find examples of professionally executed renovations. The applied material is described and a short summary is given for each project.

Our programme is too extensive to be fully described. If you are looking for a plastic fabric or wire mesh that is not being described here, please contact us for a detailed explanation of the options that we can supply for your specific situation. A selection of textile and metal wire meshes that are often applied by Poly-Ned can be found here