Poly-Ned offers a high quality tent program for (almost) every budget. For each application, Poly-Ned creates a suitable solution.

Regardless of which variant you choose, Poly-Ned guarantees the durability and high quality of its products. From the drawing board to the assembly, Poly-Ned has an extensive house expertise.
Our own skilled technicians can mount the tent for you and if necessary repairs can be done, within 24-hours in case of damage.

The modular construction of a tent is ideal for use in both permanent and mobile structures. Simplicity and speed of installation are included in the overall design. The supporting structure is usually made of galvanized steel or aluminum, available in any color. The applied high quality fabric guarantees a high resistance to cracking under all weather conditions. Material selection depends on the design.

Most tent models can be waterproof interconnected with each other, in order to create a large roofed space. Applications include: a roof of a commercial interior or exterior facilit,, a summer pavilion (even a party tent), a (hotel & cafe) terrace, parking, sports court, pagoda and exhibition stands.

Depending on weather conditions, a choice can be made for a (heavy) frame tent, or for one without a frame. Are you looking for a stylish designer tent or for a stylish eye-catcher? All Poly-Ned tents have a certain style that perfectly suits your needs. Frame tents can be connected easily, to roof your demo cars for example. In this way you create an extraordinary showroom, where clients can take a ‘dry look’ and your car will be protected against hail damage.

The tent program is easy to divide in Custom Made Tents, Frame Tents (”Not Quite Standard”), Freeform Stretch Tents and Industrial Tents.

To achieve the best solution, we would like to ask an important question: are you looking for a permanent setup or a temporary shelter?

If you opt for a permanent setup, you can make a selection of Custom Made Tents, Frame Tents (”Not Quite Standard”) or Industrial Tents.
If one of the basic tent models does not suit your needs, it can also be modified by us. Poly-Ned expert staff will gladly assist you!