Airdome Combe Grove Manor te Bath/UK

Airdome Combe Grove Manor te Bath/UK

Poly-Ned designs, produces and mounts airdomes with a steel cable net on top. For that reason we can use a less heavy outer PVC-membrane.
One of the biggest advantages of a less heavy membrane is that it has a large daylight translucent surface. Therefore, you will not need artifical lighting during the day, and so you can enjoy playing tennis in daylight and save money at the same time!
Furthermore the Poly-Ned airdome can be supplied with energy saving LED-lighting: a very high light output and an excellent uniform light distribution.
Heating, lighting and door locks are all operable by website or mobile phone, and are to be regulated in time and use.

An air dome is an inflatable structure which offers the perfect solution when it is impossible to perform activities in the open air. The Poly air dome or pressure dome can be assembled on nearly every substrate.

An air dome can be quickly assembled and disassembled just as quickly. It is a truss- and column-free room that can also be conditioned. The air dome or balloon dome is extremely suitable for activities that cannot be performed in the open air all year round, such as swimming, cycling, skating, playing football, etc. Such a dome can serve as a temporary sports center dome, tennis dome, a football dome or it can be used for exceptional storage.

Examples are, therefore, covering tennis courts, swimming pools, football fields, ice rinks, etc. Countless covered industrial applications are also possible.

Poly-Ned supplies a standard program for different applications; air domes can, however, be designed for each unique situation in accordance with your requirements and preferences. Interested? Please contact us to receive an extensive explanation of the options that we can supply for your specific situation. Poly-Ned has already realized the “castles in the air” that hundreds of customers were dreaming about.