Blue Moon Groningen

ITO FOA London

PVC coated polyester fabric printed in 3 colors

This tensile structure consists of a composite membrane with a printed fabric.
A table was to be placed under this tensile structure with a diameter of 30 meter for meetings around the table and theatre.
The designer was thinking along the lines of a ‘Bedouin-like’ tent with a ‘rough’ print. This did not exist within the known materials that can be used for tensile structures. Poly-Ned printed for this project a PVC-coated fabric in 3 colours including a transparent coat on top. The bottom is grey. The restriction was that loose tension ropes could not be used. A 3-leg variant finally became an asymmetrical 4-leg variant because 3 points produced too much tension in the foundations. The system for the tensioning, a tent structure with cables, provides a simple projection detail because the cables already have a load-bearing function over the whole of the support in the plane.