De Scheg Deventer

Organic Architects

PVC coated polyester

‘Sport and the experience center ”De Scheg” was looking for a suitable shelter for the area within the 400 meters of the ice rink. In this way,  the skaters will have more shelter from the Dutch weather.
The sports company of the municipality, together with Witteveen + Bos picked a design, which ultimately chosen. In a co-creation between Construction Of Wines and Textile Architecture Company Poly-Ned was this idea developed. Construction company Van Wijnen was responsible for the foundation and substructure, and Poly-Ned was responsible for the engineering, detail design, manufacture and assembly of the membrane. In thhe design was chosen for a high quality PVC-coated polyester membrane. Major advantage over conventional construction, is that under this type of roofing a pleasant, bright space is created where no additional lighting is needed during the day.

Nevertheless, the roof is safely walkable for cleaning and maintenance.
To prevent from  further incomming  rain as much as possible, there have been placed polycarbonate covers on all tops.
This sports center has become the largest tensile structure of the Benelux countries, about 6000 m2! This tensile structure result in more protection for the skaters and a futuristic look.