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Kas Oosterhuis

High-quality ETFE film
PVC coated polyester textile fabric
HD foam
Special plastic coating

The delivery included here a five corner air cushion roof based on a Precontraint® product and a wall/wall shell consisting of a PVC coated fabric (membrane), HD foam and a special finish.
The steel roof structure has been removed with regard to this former Floriade pavilion. This has been done to realise a column-free space. An air cushion roof has been installed with a surface area of approximately 175 m2. The steel frame served as the basic form for the membrane skin. By attaching this skin along the edges and by providing the space with overpressure, a three-dimensional skin was produced measuring approximately 580 m2. This skin was, subsequently, stiffened with a high density foam that was added as a spray. After the foam had hardened, the overpressure was removed and a stable skin was created that met the current criteria of the Dutch Buildings Decree.